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The long-term success of Online Print & Pack owes a lot to the expertise and motivation of its employees. This is why the constant focus is on acquiring, encouraging, developing and maintaining top talents. By offering attractive and challenging assignments with focused promotion efforts, the company motivates its employees to reach the highest levels of achievement. Leadership based on solidarity has always been the key management concept in the corporate culture, which is characterized by trust and aspiration to achieve top performance.

Online Print & Pack offers its employees a broad spectrum of options to improve their qualifications and develop their skills, beginning at the level of training apprentices. Particular emphasis is laid on continuous on-the-job training.

The flat organizational structure both demands and fosters a high degree of personal responsibility. By maintaining an open, communicative atmosphere throughout the entire organisation and by giving employees freedom of action, Online Print & Pack creates the necessary conditions for them to view their jobs in the light of the overall group objectives and to perform their assignments in an efficient and responsible manner.

Onine is expanding and therefore constantly in search for ambitious future employees who appreciate the extraordinary chances for personal and professional development offered here.


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