Meat & Chicken Folding Boxes

Meat & Chicken Folding Boxes – Keep You Products Valuable throughout Supply Chain

Meat & Chicken Folding Boxes Suppliers in Kenya

A meat & chicken box is expected to meet all physical and promotional needs for the end consumer to receive fresh products in optimal condition. Not every packaging material is ideal to make meat & chicken folding cartons and only an experienced meat & chicken folding carton manufacturer can serve the purpose. Online Print & Pack is a new age packaging and printing company that has been serving its clients with quality meat & chicken custom packing cartons.

Here it is important to highlight that our meat & chicken cardboard boxes, meat & chicken chipboard boxes, meat & chicken paperboard cartons and other packaging solutions can meet all your business objectives. Find out how:

Marketing Objectives

  • Visually appealing meat & chicken custom cardboard boxes and meat & chicken printed boxes are delivered in desired colors, designs, shapes, sizes and with superior graphics to make marketing and branding easier.
  • Attention grabbing presentation and superior quality print makes meat & chicken packaging printed cartons capable of better sale.
  • For special occasions and purposes, we can help you with meat & chicken specialty boxes for better visibility among buyers.

Transportation Objectives

  • Fresh, vacuum packed or frozen products, our meat & chicken paper folding packaging is meant to make transportation easier.
  • Possible transit damage is reduced with our stable and high-strength meat & chicken folding cardboard boxes.
  • Transportation and storage costs are reduced due to optimally-shaped meat & chicken folding boxes.

Target Reduced Business Losses

Our meat & chicken printed packaging boxes are made of quality water and moisture resistant materials. Moreover, we make every meat & chicken printed folding box leak-proof. Barrier coatings are done to further reduce the chances of degradation in product’s taste and quality.

Meat & Chicken Paper Folding Packaging Suppliers in India

Environment Accountability

We know our clients understand their responsibility towards environment and we help them fulfill it with our meat & chicken paperboard packaging cartons. First of all, we don’t use plastic in our meat & chicken boxes. Materials we use include paperboards and cardboards that are easily disposable. Our meat & chicken packaging boxes can be easily folded or flattened after use. Renewable and recyclable resources make our products advantageous.

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