Liquid Food Box Manufacturing Printing Packaging Custom Designs

Liquid Food Product Packaging for Better Handling and Marketability

Liquid Food Product Packaging Manufacturers in India

Liquid food manufacturers often live with the fear of storing, transporting and selling their products without facing the possible issues like:

  • Loss due to spilling
  • Leakage from liquid food box
  • Loss during consumption and more

As a liquid food folding carton manufacturer, Online Print & Pack understands the importance of efficient liquid food paper folding packaging not only to prevent such undesirable circumstances, but also to remain ahead in competition. This is the reason that we as food boxes manufacturer prefer liquid food custom made boxes over pre-designed cardboard boxes for food to give every client what is expected.

Whom Do We Cater?

Our clients for liquid food custom paper boxes have well-known brands in the market. At the same time, we offer our liquid food custom product packaging services to the new entrants as well. Milk and milk products, syrups, beverages, juices, molasses, honey and various other liquid products are what we pack in liquid food cardboard boxes, liquid food custom paperboard boxes and liquid food paperboard packaging cartons.

Highlights of Our Packaging Services

We as one of the leading food boxes manufacturer would like to share the most underlying aspects of our liquid food packaging boxes in two different sets:

For Safe Handling:

  • Resistance of liquid food cardboard box to flex-crack.
  • Prevention against wear and tear and puncture of liquid food folding packaging box.
  • All liquid food folding boxes are designed with high tensile strength.
  • Protection of liquid food paperboard packaging cartons against permeability, heat, temperature and pollution.
  • Taste and quality maintenance for packed liquid foods is provided by cardboard boxes food.
Resistance of Liquid Food Cardboard Box Producers in Kenya

For Improved Presentation:

  • Liquid food custom boxes with different possible colors, designs and patterns.
  • Different liquid food folding carton shape and size options.
  • Embossing, debossing, laminating, varnishing and other finishing techniques on food cardboard boxes.
  • Offset printing for liquid food printed boxes that inform, advertise and appeal.

Online Print & Pack Difference You may ask how we differ from others dealing in liquid food paper folding packaging. We have always offered liquid food printed folding cartons as practical and economical solutions. Our profit is influenced by the profit of our clients who are able to deliver quality liquid food printed carton boxes to their customers. At the same time, we hold our services accountable towards sustainability of environment. We never indulge in choosing non-biodegradable materials for liquid food folding cartons.

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