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Garment cardboard boxes have been around for long. This is the reason that garment product manufacturers and distributors yearn a lot for innovative garment custom product packaging ideas. Their need is not only to meet the best industry packaging standards, but also to amplify their products’ value through striking presentation which is possible only with exclusive garment product packaging.

Garment folding boxes manufactured by Online Print & Pack are in extensive demand among popular brands. Having huge expertise in this domain, we would like to highlight our competency as garment folding carton manufacturer.

Garment Folding Cartons – The Presentation
We focus a lot on garment folding carton presentation as it is the first thing to meet your customers’ eyes. Our experts add an irresistible display quality to garment packaging boxes using wide range of colors, patterns, designs and graphics. We also deal in garment custom cardboard boxes, where we listen to our clients and blend their expectations with our experience and creativity.

Garment Boxboard Packaging – The Quality
All our garment packaging printed cartons are designed from superior quality paperboards and cardboards. We ensure that each garment folding packaging box has strong and rigid walls to bear the stress during storage and transportation. Garment paper folding packaging in our boxes can be done in a way that it doesn’t affect the quality of packed garments in any way.

Garment Printed Packaging Boxes – The Branding
Printing is one of the main highlights of every garment printed folding box designed at our facility. We have installed offset printing and multicolor printing machines that help us design garment custom printed boxes matching our clients’ needs. You can expect our garment printed folding cartons to set the stage right for establishing your garment brand image.

Garment Cardboard Boxes -
The Flexibility

You can order for flexible shapes and sizes of garment custom packing cartons. We offer garment folding cardboard boxes for multiple product categories ranging from innerwear and undergarments to apparels, dresses and woolens. The boxes are flat-packed, easy to handle and carry and can be reused by the end-customers. It is also worth mentioning that our garment paperboard packaging cartons are recyclable and can be easily disposed after use. No harm is caused to the environment in this process.

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