Cosmetics Packaging Boxes

Achieve Consistent Branding and Rewarding Product Delivery with Cosmetics Packaging Boxes

Cosmetics Packaging Boxes Producers in Ethiopia

Cosmetics are among the most popular consumer products and there are innumerable brands willing to make it big in the million dollar cosmetics industry. Buyers usually get attracted towards cosmetics packaging boxes that:

  • Pack the products stylishly
  • Have compact lockable designs in accurate dimensions
  • Have product information and company profile conveniently visible
  • Are perfect for use at home and can be packed in travel bags

In short, cosmetics product packaging is important not just to hold up the products, but also to entice the buyers with great designs and superb functionality. Online Print & Pack is a cosmetics folding carton manufacturer with focus on cosmetics folding cartons, cosmetics specialty boxes, cosmetics printed boxes and cosmetics custom boxes.

Cosmetics Cardboard
Boxes for Different Products

Cosmetics product range is vast, encompassing a huge list of beauty and skin care products and make-up items. Our cosmetics folding boxes are designed for all possible product categories like:

  • Eyeliners, eyelashes and eye shadows
  • Lipsticks, lip glosses, lip liners and lip balms
  • Skin creams, body lotions, face creams, moisturizers, serums and foundations.
  • Nail polishes and hair care products
  • Anti-aging products, perfumes, colognes and more

Our aim is to design cosmetics folding cardboard boxes that cater to different end-consumers like home users, office-going women, professional make-up artists, salon owners and others.

Cosmetics Cardboard Boxes for Different Products Manufacturers in Gujarat

Cosmetics Custom
Folding Boxes in Multiple Options

Each cosmetics cardboard box is designed from scratch to add distinguished appeal to cosmetics custom product packaging. Here are some options to choose from:

  • Cosmetics custom packaging boxes in different lengths, breadths and depths.
  • Cosmetics paperboard cartons in all popular styles like sleeve boxes, display boxes, dispensers, die cut window designs and more.
  • Everything from color and graphics to shape and size of cosmetics custom paper boxes are selected according to the clients needs.
  • Get cosmetics packaging boxes printed with concise text that can help you in business branding.

Many Advantages of
Our Cosmetics Folding Cartons

Our unique cosmetics printed carton boxes are ideal for point of purchase sale, retail packaging, wholesale packaging and overseas shipping. Designed to be durable and light weight, our cosmetics chipboard boxes, cosmetics custom cardboard boxes, cosmetics paperboard folding cartons and cosmetics boxboard packaging solutions are eco-friendly, disposable and can withstand damage and contamination.

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